Flag of Albania
Broadcaster RTSH
Selection process
Appearances 30 (11 finals)
Debut NVSC #1
Best result 1st: #19
Worst result 9th: #27 PQR
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#33) 42nd
Highest ranking 6th
Lowest ranking 55th
Albania debuted in the first edition of the North Vision Song Contest with RTSH. It withdrew during the fourth edition and returned to the fifth with Klan TV. After They once again in the seventeenth edition, they returned in the 18th edition, changing again back to RTSH.


Table key
 Winner  Last place  Did not qualify to the semi-finals
 Second place  Automatically qualified to the final  Withdrawn or disqualified
 Third place  Did not qualify to the final  Did not compete
Edn. Host city Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Flag of Hungary Budapest Kejsi Tola "Qiellin Do Ta Prek Me Ty" Failed to qualify 14 39
#02 Flag of Iceland Reykjavik Elhaida Dani "Sje Me" 19 83 5 83
#03 Flag of Switzerland Winterthur Blero feat. Astrit Stafaj "Summer Love" Failed to qualify 19 28
#04 Flag of Sweden Gothenburg Merland Kademi "Këtu fillon parajsa" Disqualified
#05 Flag of Denmark Aarhus Samanta feat. Eri On "All I Need" Failed to qualify 14 49
#06 Flag of Lebanon Beirut Miriam Cani "Pergjithmone" 22 87 6 85
#07 Flag of United Kingdom Liverpool Elvana Gjata "Kudo qe jam" Failed to qualify 23 19
#08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo JEM "Zoom" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#09 Flag of Norway Oslo Arilena "Aeroplan" 16 85 3 109
#10 Did not participate
#11 Flag of Ukraine Lviv Miriam Cani "Shiu Im" 13 116 2 109
#12 Flag of Denmark Herning Besa "Mbretëreshë" Failed to qualify 11 64
#13 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Kejsi Tola "Iceberg" 8 140 5 83
#14 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana Elvana Gjata feat. Flori Mumajesi "Kuq e zi je ti" Failed to qualify 15 42
#15 Did not participate
#16 Flag of Israel Jerusalem Lindita Halimi "Cold World" Failed to qualify 16 27
#17 Did not participate
#18 Flag of Belgium Brussels Arilena "Vegim" 22 51 10 70
#19 Flag of Italy Turin Ronela Hajati "A do si kjo" 1 355 1 248
#20 Flag of Albania Tirana Genta Ismajli "Kishe" 15 203 Host
#21 Flag of Czech Republic Prague Juliana Pasha "Vullkan" Failed to qualify 12 124
#22 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Edona Vatoci "Hala" 15 187 10 141
#23 Flag of Sweden Stockholm Arilena "I'm Sorry" 15 216 8 149
#24 Flag of Austria Vienna Njomza "Someone Like Me" Failed to qualify 11 123
#25 Flag of Morocco Casablanca Flora Cash "Roses On Your Dress" 13 208 3 196
#26 Flag of Netherlands Rotterdam JANEX "Mermaids" Failed to qualify 18 80
#27 Flag of Ukraine Odessa Kejsi Tola "U Rritem" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#28 Flag of Switzerland Bern Irkenc Hyka feat. Mimoza Shkodra "Valla" Failed to qualify 20 25
#29 Flag of Ireland Dublin Inis Neziri "E theve" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#30 Flag of Sweden Malmö XHOANA X "Drowning" Failed to qualify 19 43
#31 Flag of Norway Lillehammer Besa "Histori" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#32 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg City SHQIPE "Nevoj" Failed to qualify 20 54
#33 Flag of Georgia Batumi Enxhi Nasufi & Boocky Dj "Ti" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#34 Flag of Slovakia Bratislava

Draw history

Albania has so far competed in a total of twenty-eight shows ‒ one pre-qualification round, seventeen semi-finals and nine finals.The country has mostly competed at the second semi-finals, usually at the middle spots. In the first semi-final is usually allocated at the second halves, while in the second semi-final in the first halves.

Edn. Entry Final SF1 SF2 PQR
#01 "Qiellin Do Ta Prek Me Ty" Failed to qualify 06 N/A
#02 "Sje Me" 07 11
#03 "Summer Love" Failed to qualify 15
#04 Did not compete
#05 "All I Need" Failed to qualify 18 N/A
#06 "Pergjithmone" 03 16
#07 "Kudo qe jam" Failed to qualify 04
#08 "Zoom" Failed to qualify 07
#09 "Aeroplan" 17 04
#10 Did not compete
#11 "Shiu Im" 16 19
#12 "Mbretëreshë" Failed to qualify 02
#13 "Iceberg" 09 10
#14 "Kuq e zi je ti" Failed to qualify 10 07
#15 Did not compete
#16 "Cold World" Failed to qualify 04
#17 Did not compete
#18 "Vegim" 01 04
#19 "A do si kjo" 23 10
#20 "Kishe" 21 Host
#21 "Vullkan" Failed to qualify 20
#22 "Hala" 16 06
#23 "I'm Sorry" 04 19
#24 "Someone Like Me" Failed to qualify 05
#25 "Roses On Your Dress" 24 03

North Vision Awards

The North Vision Awards (formerly known as the After-show Awards) is a ceremony held to honor the artists and songs of the editions. Albania has received two awards out of the nine nominations of the Albanian artists and songs.

Ceremony Nominated Award Result
NVSC #10
(special awards)
"Kudo qe jam" Best Last Place Ever Won
NVSC #11 "Shiu Im" Best Pop Nominated
Best Southern song Won
NVSC #12 "Mbretëreshë" Best Non-English Song Nominated
NVSC #13 "Iceberg" Best Ballad Nominated
NVSC #14 Elvana Gjata Best Female Artist Nominated
NVSC #16 "Cold World" Best Ballad Nominated
NVSC #18 "Vegim" Best Bottom 6 song Nominated
NVSC #23 Arilena Best Female Artist Nominated

Betting Odds

Since the fourth edition, the betting odds are presented after the sneak peeks have been posted. They give a vague view on which countries are likely to win the competition. Albania's highest score at the betting odds have been sixth at the sixth edition.

Edition Placement Score Actual result Difference
#04 Did not compete
#05 22nd 19.50€ 14th (SF) -16
#06 6th 10€ 22nd -16
#07 24th 4.36 23rd (SF) -26
#08 N/A 4th (PQR) N/A
#09 11th 3.51 16th -6
#10 Did not compete
#11 11th 3.57 13th -2
#12 17th 4.09 11th (SF) -9
#13 41st 4.58 8th +33
#14 40th 4.63 15th (SF) +5
#15 Did not compete
#16 29th 4.71 16th (SF) -11
#17 Did not compete
#18 31st 4.78 22nd +9
#19 13th 3.80 1st +12
#20 23rd 4.20 15th +8
#21 23rd 4.25 12th (SF) -6
#22 39th 5.41 15th +24
#23 18th 3.59 15th +3
#24 27th 4.02 11th (SF) =
#25 25th 5.21 13th +12


Albania has hosted one edition of the contest: the twentieth edition.

Edition Location Venue Presenters
#20 Tirana Arena Kombëtare Alban Skënderaj, Alketa Vejsiu and Eneda Tarifa

Commentators and spokespersons

Edition(s) Final television commentator Semi-finals television commmentator Radio commentator Spokesperson Broadcaster
#01 Blerim Destani Blerim Destani & Andri Xhahu Andri Xhahu N/A RTSH
#02 N/A
#03 N/A
#04 Did not participate
#05 Rona Nishliu KlanTV
#06 Emir Bajrami
#07 Miriam Cani
#08 Did not vote
#09 Amanda Lajlac
#10 Did not participate
#11 Alban Skenderaj
#12 Venera Lumani
#13 Kida Latifi
#14 Besa Kokëdhima
#15 Did not participate
#16 Andri Xhahu
#17 Did not participate RTSH
#18 Eneda Tarifa
#19 Angela Martini
#20 Besim Dina
#21 Alketa Vejsiu
#22 N/A
#23 Miriam Cani
#24 N/A
#25 Flag of None TBA

Other contests

OGAN Second Chance Contest

The contest takes place during the actual contest, usually during the final of the respective edition. It is not an televised event, but only through YouTube. In order for an OGAN fan club to participate in the contest, it is required to have a public national selection held for the respective edition. Every OGAN club can only have one entry. The song can be only selected internally and cannot be changed after it was selected. The selected song must be from the final of the selection unless the selection has not the format of the semi-finals and final.

Albania has never won OGAN, until now. Their best result is third achieving at the eigth edition. OGAN Albania has never hosted the event.

Edn Host Artist Song Place Points Place in National Selection
#08 Flag of Sweden Sweden Miriam Cani "Labirint" 3 104 2nd
#09 Flag of Norway Norway Besa "Tatuazh Në Zemër" 9 67
Did not participate in the #10
#11 Flag of Norway Norway Seldi Qalliu "Digjet Ballkani" 11 71 2nd
#12 Flag of Norway Norway Sara "Nje puthje" 21 23
Did not participate in the #10
#14 Flag of Armenia Armenia Besa "#14" 16 32 2nd
Did not participate in the #15 to #17
#18 Flag of Denmark Denmark Janex "Shadows & Lights" 20 20 2nd
#19 Flag of Sweden Sweden Megi Laska "Your Love" 13 54
Did not participate in the #20
#21 Flag of Denmark Denmark Xhesika Polo "Fati jemi ne" 20 20 2nd
Did not participate in the #22 to #24
#25 Flag of Denmark Denmark ANDRRA "Palinë" 9 54 2nd
Did not participate in the #26 to #29
#30 Flag of United Kingdom UK XHOANA X "Serpentine" 23 10 2nd
Did not participate in the #31 to #33

Junior North Vision Song Contest

The contest is only for European artists under the age of 16. RTSH has made only internal selections, so far. Kanita Suma was the first representantive of Albania. Albania's best result is one first place (with Kanita Suma).

Edn Host city Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#03 Flag of Finland Mariehamn Kanita "No One Can Stop Me Now" 3 101 No Semi-Finals
#04 Flag of Romania Cluj-Napoca Jona Zeneli "Deshirat e Jones" 15 48
#05 Flag of Netherlands Amsterdam Albion Rexhaj "Vitamina" 13 38
Did not participate in the sixth edition
#07 Flag of Andorra Andorra la Vella Floriani Beqiri "E Di Qe Don" 6 79
#08 Flag of Ukraine Kiev Kanita Suma "Young & Reckless" 1 145
#09 Flag of Albania Tirana Doruntina Kurteshi "Tina Balerina" 15 7
#10 Flag of Sweden Malmö Endri "Ikim" 16 64 8 67

Balkan Music Bash

The contest is held between the Balkan countries that are members of the North Broadcasting Union. Albania debuted in the first edition and got the seventh place out of twelve countries.

Edn Host City Artist Song Place Points
#01 Flag of Bulgaria Varna Seldi Qalliu "Balkan Style" 7 53
Did not participate in the second edition
#03 Flag of Montenegro Podgorica Dona Mulaj "Veç ty" 11 34
#04 Flag of Serbia Novi Sad Deborah Xhako "Let Me Fall" 1 80
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