Flag of Algeria
Broadcaster ENTV
Appearances 24 (11 finals)
Debut NVSC #08
Best result 3rd: #15
Worst result Last in PQR: #14
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#33) 11th
Highest ranking 11th
Lowest ranking 54th

Algeria has participated in the North Vision Song Contest 15 times, debuting in the eighth edition, with their best position being 3rd, achieving this at the North Vision Song Contest 15.


Table key
 Winner  Last place  Did not qualify to the semi-finals
 Second place  Automatically qualified to the final  Withdrawn or disqualified
 Third place  Did not qualify to the final  Did not compete
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#08 Tiwa Savage "Olorun mi" Failed to qualify 12 65
#09 Arash, Najim & Rebecca "Prés De Toi (Suddenly)" 14 48
#10 Zaho "Tout Est Pareil" 23 60 5 79
#11 Cheb Khaled "Ana Aachek" Failed to qualify 19 31
Did not participate in #12
#13 Eranga & Mino Safy feat. Sarah Russell "Save Me" Failed to qualify 18 37
#14 Amel Wahby "Mama Loca" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#15 Kenza Farah "Briser les chaînes" 3 143 3 99
#16 Amel Wahby feat. Najim "Bratni" 25 57
Member of the "Big 6"
#17 The5 "El Donia Shabab" Failed to qualify 14 44
#18 YADi "Guillotine" 4 175 5 107
#19 Leïla Lanova "Que toi" 18 191
Member of the "Big 6"
#20 Mariame "Now You Know It" Failed to qualify 19 66
#21 Zaho "Allô" 20 31
#22 The5 "La Bezzaf" 9 234 6 177
#23 Chimène Badi "Les retardataires" Failed to qualify 16 92
Did not participate in #24 and #25
#26 Lynda "L'amour ne suffit pas" Failed to qualify 12 122
#27 Norah Benatia "W.O.M.A.N." 13 212 9 153
#28 Nabila Dali "Tidet(The Truth)" Failed to qualify 15 78
#29 Ysa Ferrer "Follow Me" 13 110
#30 Acid Arab feat. Sofiane Saidi "La Hafla" 18 58
#31 Senda Boutella "Don't Even Bother" 12 253 6 174
#32 Yanis "Embrace" 19 173 6 156
#33 Mauvais Oeil "Mektoub" 5 367 4 189
Member of the "Big 6"

Voting history

Algeria has given the most points to...
(semi-finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Hungary Hungary 51
2 Flag of Belarus Belarus 33
3 Flag of Georgia Georgia 32
4 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 31
5 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 30
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic

Algeria has received the most points from...
(semi-finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 39
2 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 28
3 Austria Austria 23
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Norway Norway
4 Flag of Hungary Hungary 21
5 Flag of Armenia Armenia 20
Flag of Romania Romania

Algeria has given the most points to...
(finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Sweden Sweden 46
2 Flag of Norway Norway 43
3 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic 42
4 Flag of Denmark Denmark 38
5 Flag of France France 36

Algeria has received the most points from...
(finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 36
2 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 32
3 Austria Austria 26
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
4 Flag of Italy Italy 22
Flag of Macedonia North Macedonia
5 Flag of Romania Romania 21
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia

Other contests

OGAN Second Chance Contest

The contest takes place during the contest, usually during the second semi-final of the respective edition. It is not an televised event, but only through YouTube. Algeria debuted in the first edition, held for the eighth edition.

Edn. Artist Song Final Points
#08 Zaho "Kif'n'dir" 24 21
Did not participate in #09
#10 Amel Bouchoucha "Batal Al Aram Arabi" 9 70
Did not participate between #11 and #17
#18 Dalia Chih "Pink Green Blue" 23 11
#19 Lynda Thalie "Merci" 23 16
#20 Zaho feat. MHD "Laissez-les kouma" 15 42
Did not participate in #21 and #22
#23 Nabila Dali "Mistaken" 11 48
Did not participate in #24 and #25
#26 Cindy Alma "Sad Song" 7 70
#27 Meryem Saci "On My Way" 12 41


North Vision Song Contest 8

After the win of Lebanon in November 2013 for NVSC 05, the NBU council wanted to reconsider the Algerian participation in NVSC. A HoD was finally found on 3rd January 2014.

On the 25th of February, it was annoinced that Algeria would debut in NVSC 08 with an entry chosen through the national selection Algerian Rythms.

The winner of the first selection was "Olorun Mi" by the Nigerian singer Tiwa Sawage (The song took part as a Foreign Act), with 142 points. Tiwa was drawn to perfotm on the 8th position in the Second Semi-Final.

Algeria didn't qualify for the Final, ending 12th in SF with 65 points.

North Vision Song Contest 9

Due to the success of the first selection, the Algerian broadcaster decided to make another edition of Algerian Rythms, with a new format. The winner of the selection was the song "Près de Toi" by Arash, Najim & Rebecca with 176 points. This choice made a controversy because a different version of the song had already competed in the Swedish National Selection, Fantasifestivalen.

The song was drawn to perform on the 7th position in the first Semi-Final. Algeria Algeria avoided PQR by ending 14th in the Semi-Final with 48 points. This bad result made a big disappointment amongst the Algerian North Vision fans.

North Vision Song Contest 10

Canal Algérie confirmed one more time despite the bad results of the two previous editions. Another Format was created, named Algerian Melodies.

The first edition of the selection had 3 artists participating with 3 songs each. The winner was the famous Zaho with her song "Tout est Pareil", which managed to get 40% of the public votes. Another controversy happened beacuse it was the only song which wasn't sung in Arabic amongst the African countries.

Algeria Algeria was drawn to perform on the 20th and last position of the second Semi-Final. Despite an unsure qualification, according to the Betting Odds, Zaho managed to end 5th in the Semi-Final with 79 points, giving her country its first qualification in the contest. Later in the night, it was decided that Algeria Algeria would perform in the 5th position in the Final.

Unfortunately, the country ended only 23rd, with 60 points in all.

North Vision Song Contest 11

Because of a lack of interest in the Algerian Audience, CA decided to keep the participation in the contest, but only with an Internal Selection.

The first informations given about the entry announced a song in Arabic, which was very demanded by the fans.

Soon later, it was revealed that the famous

Cheb Khaled had accepted to compete for his native country with the song "Ana Aachek".
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