Origin Portugal
Labels LS Republicano
Members Big Nelo
C4 Pedro

B4 is a musical project born in 2013, composed of artists Big Nelo and C4Pedro, the result of a partnership that has emerged to meet the requests of fans of both musicians, largely because of the duets of some themes they produce, resulting in vibrant and contagious performances. The debut album, "Los Compadres" (August 2013), brought the public 11 themes worked on the basis of zouk, house, african-house and R & B.


Emanuel Carvalho Ngenohame or simply "Big Nelo," entered the world of music by rap group "SSP", which he founded. After several years of success, the group broke up and Big Nelo pursued a solo career: released "Karga", "On my way", "Moments" and "Feel the Hit", "Today is beating", "Not attempting to "," My next step, "among others.

Pedro Lisboa Santos, the stage name "C4 Pedro," is one of the most influential musicians of the new generation of Angolan music. Versatile, excellent performer, composer, guitarist and producer, lived 10 years in Belgium, where he took his first steps in music. Back in Angola, in 2009, released their debut album "Tears - Only One People One Nation One", a record with 20 tracks, produced and published in 2008 in France. His second original work "hot and cool", published in 2011, he launched the artist into the spotlight. The stage name (C4 Pedro) is derived from Cry for People, or the People Chora, in this case, Peter.

The experience and maturity Big Nelo, who has over 20 years of career and irreverence and talent C4Pedro, gave a unique and special nature of this double success. The B4 project arose precisely the complicity and friendship between the two Angolan artists, as well as the need to risk a fusion of two musical styles, a union that came refresh the Lusophone culture.

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