North Vision Song Contest 14
Country Flag of Croatia Croatia
National selection
Selection process National Selection
Selected entrant Petra Kovačević
Selected song "Buka, galama"
Finals performance
Final result 6th, 138 points
Croatia in the North Vision Song Contest
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 Croatia participated in the fourteenth edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The country was represented by Petra Kovačević and the song "Buka, galama". The entry was selected by the 4th edition of the national selection "Sounds of Croatiawhich was organised by Hrvatska Radio Televizija (HRT).

Before North Vision

Croatia confirmed their 13th participation on March 16th 2015. The broadcaster, HRT, announced that Sounds of Croatia #4 would be held, thus continuing the selection. It was announced that 4 songs would take part in the grand final, after a number of battles determined the songs of the 4 artists taking part. Initially, 5 were going to take part, but due to time constraints, the act pulled out at the last minute. This was confirmed by HRT.

Sounds of Croatia #4

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