Flag of Cyprus.svg
Broadcaster Pik (CyBC)
Appearances 32 (14 finals)
Debut NVSC #01
Best result 6th: #22
Worst result Last in PQR: #29
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#35) 53rd
Highest ranking 5th
Lowest ranking 54th

Cyprus debuted in the first edition of North Vision Song Contest.

Contestants & Results

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
     Did not qualify from the pre-qualification round
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Eleftheria Eleftheriou "Tables are Turning" 21 61 6 86
#02 Valando Tryfonos "Na Mou Eksigiseis" (Να Μου Εξηγήσεις) 15 97 6 76
#03 DJ San feat. Nikki Ponte "Love's Like Breathing" 22 65 7 74
#04 Stefanos Dimosthenous "Gia Sena Mono" (Για Σένα Μόνο) 21 73 2 107
#05 Slick Beats "Rock The Beat" 22 55 10 71
#06 Hashtag "Ki An Ola Teleiosan" (Κι Αν Όλα Τελειώσαν)
Failed to qualify
11 62
#07 Stella Kalli "Etsi Kano Ego" (Έτσι Κάνω Εγώ) 22 43
#08 Did not compete
#09 Maria Elena Kyriakou "Dio Egoismoi" (Δύο εγωισμοί) 18 81 7 64
#10 Annet Artani "Mouthful of Me"
Failed to qualify
20 25
#11 Mariada Pieridi "Paizeis Dinata" (Παίζεις Δυνατά) 15 41
#12 Helena "Ipervoles" (Υπερβολές) 16 42
#13 Stella Kalli "Gia Poso Akomi" (Για Πόσο Ακόμη) Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#14 Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva "Deila den agapo" (Δειλά δεν αγαπώ) 21 65 10 62
#15 Did not participate
#16 Finding Kate "Did It Again"
Failed to qualify
16 36
#17 Stefanos Dimosthenous "Panta Ekei" (Πάντα Εκεί) 24 70 10 77
#18 Maria Elena Kyriakou "Horis Esena" (Χωρίς Εσένα) 25 34 7 81
#19 Ivi Adamou "Tipota De Mas Stamata" (Τίποτα Δε Μας Σταματα)
Failed to qualify
12 113
#20 Christiana Loizu "Phoenix" 8 286 1 284
#21 Finding Kate "Forever" 10 207 7 149
#22 Anavae "Feel Alive" 6 249 4 190
#23 Andrew Caden & Danny Rayel ft. Elena Papageorgiou "Ethereal" 22 105 "Big 6"
#24 Finding Kate "Get Over You"
Failed to qualify
13 90
#25 Did not compete
#26 Sound of Thieves "Freedom" 19 189 2 206
#27 Did not compete
#28 Sophia Patsalides "Deep Blue Ocean"
Failed to qualify
20 53
#29 Alex Economou "Dance With Me" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#30 Christos Stylianou "Crazy Land" Failed to qualify 19 37
#31 Anna Vissi "Flegomenos Trochos" (Φλεγόμενος Τροχός) Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#32 The Smallest Creature "Enchanting" Failed to qualify 19 58
#33 Ivi Adamou feat. Konnie Metaxa "Pao" (Πάω) Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#34 Metaxas "Walk" Failed to qualify 17 76
#35 Did not compete
#36 NEMØ feat. Elle Eliades "Lifeline" Failed to qualify 20 38
#37 Andrew Lambrou "Lemonade" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.


CyBC announced on the 2nd March that they will be withdrawing from the contest due to budget cuts made in February, a meeting was held and the chairman of CyBC said "In times like this, we need to prioritize our important projects. NVSC will have to be put on hold in the meantime." Also with lack of funding from private sponsors, the broadcaster couldn't find any way to fund the participation fee. Nontheless CyBC still broadcasted the final live.


CyBC renewed private sponsors on the 19th May. The broadcaster will review possible further participation when more details about the next edition are available. CyBC confirmed a return to the contest shortly after.

Maria Elena Kiriakou was selected to represent the country, after her mentor from The Voice Despina Vandi encouraged her to think about the offer and the possibilities it could make. 

Maria premiered her entry "Dio Egoismi" in an interview. The Greek ballad qualified for the final and reached 18th place. CyBC were pleased from the return and viewing figures improved from the last participation. 


CyBC have confirmed participation in Bergen; the act will be internally selected. Annet Artani was invited by CyBC to propose a potential project for the contest. Annet specified that she'd prefer to go with something more mellow and laid back. The broadcaster gave all rights to Annet and her team to express themselves musically without restrictions.

In a late night Interview, Annet discussed about her song and the production behind "Mouthful of Me" before premiering it on regional television. Limited edition copies of the single will be available to fans in Bergen, personally signed by Annet.


CyBC confirmed to continue participation. The act was privately contacted through management and record companies. Upon being placed In the pre-qualifying round, CyBC confirmed that If Cyprus don't qualify, the semi finals wouldn't be broadcasted on primary channels. Mariada Pieridi advanced to the semi-finals and confirmed that the show was aired on RIK 1. Despite not qualifying to the final, the ratings from the previous edition were boosted by an average of 8% in shares.


CyBC confirmed that they would continue participation within the contest, mostly due to promotion and the average of shares it received from previous broadcasting. An internal selection went underway with private contacts with associate record labels in the Greek industry. Helena was approached by CyBC and on a later date confirmed her participation with the song "Ipervoles". Although not qualifying to the final, viewing figures peaked at 436,000 during the final.


With the continuous non-qualificaiton for Cyprus, the broadcaster decided to rethink on how to select their participants. A national selection was suggested by the team, and was later finalized and confirmed. It would be the first national final since NVSC 7 that Cyprus would not go internal. The winner was Stella Kalli and this made her the first returning artist for Cyprus in their history of participation. With the placing of Cyprus in the previous edition, Stella was placed into the P.Q.R. but failed to qualify. Viewing figures dropped by around 50,000 from the last edition.


Cyprus securely confirmed that they would indeed continue the new selection process and it went underway slightly after. The winners emerged to be the duet of Nearchos and Charis who would present Cyprus with their ballad "Deila Den Agapo" they successfully brought Cyprus back to the final, the first time since edition 9 and Maria Elena Kyriakou.


CyBC had to withdraw from the contest in Denmark due to changes within the broadcaster, with the delegation retiring from his role and a replacement is being hired. CyBC did not rule out a possible return for the 16th edition.

Other contests

OGAN Second Chance Contest

The contest takes place during the contest, usually during the second semi-final of the respective edition. It is not an televised event, but only through YouTube. Cyprus debuted in the thirteenth edition.

Edn Artist Song Place Points Place in National Selection
#13 Eva Divas "Come and Fight for Freedom" DQ 2nd
#14 Stella Stylianou "Gia Mia Stigmi" 13 37 2nd
#15 Did not participate
#16 Giorgos Papadopoulos "Gia Sena" 16 44 2nd
#17 Did not participate
#18 Polina Christodoulou "Apoxoro" DQ 2nd
#19 Adria Rasti "Tha Trelatho" 15 42 2nd
Did not participate from 20th to 21th edition
#22 Violetta "Kompra" 9 42 4th
#23 New Pharaohs "Nothing Without You" 20 29 2nd
Did not participate from 24th to 31th edition
#32 The Smallest Creature "Copenhagen" 26 10 2nd
#33 Contantinos Christoforou ft. One "Billy Bam Bam" 26 16 2nd
#34 Alexandra Koniak "Fevgo" 25 15 3rd

Junior North Vision Song Contest

The contest is only for European artists under the age of 16. Greece debuted in the first edition. Their entries have all been selected through internal selections.

Edn Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#01 Marios Tofi "Congratulations" 12 55 4 75
#02 Ivi Adamou "A-G-A-P-I" 11 54 No semi-finals
#03 Did not participate
#04 Andrea Iacovidou "Say Something" 20 21 No semi-finals
Did not participate from #05 to #09 edition
#10 Sophia Patsalides "I'm not the only one" Failed to qualify 11 40
Did not participate from #11 to #12 edition