Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 01
DMGP 01 Logo
Semi-finals 25–31 August 2013
Final 5–14 September 2013
Venue Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning
Presenter(s) Lise Rønne
Louise Wolff
Sofie Lassen-Kahlke
Broadcaster DR
Entries 16
System 50% SMS and telephone voting
50% international jury
Winner "Skylder dig ik' noget" by L.I.G.A
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 01 was the 1st edition of the Danish music competition that selected Denmark's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 5. The selection had two semi-finals and one final held in Herning. L.I.G.A won the selection with "Skylder dig ik' noget". In North Vision Song Contest 5, it got the 13th place in the final with 120 points.


The 1st edition was originally announced by DR to be held for the 4th edition. However it was later postponed and held for the 5th edition. The selection started on 25 August and finished on 14 September with the band L.I.G.A being the winner.

The selection consisted of two semi-finals and a final, all held in Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning. From each semifinal, the top three songs qualified to the final while the song with the highest score by the jury from the remaining five songs qualified to the final as the "jury qualifier". The competing entries were chosen by the broadcaster after several artists submitted songs, including artists from neighbor countries. However, only sixteen songs were selected including only one foreign song.


Jyske Bank Boxen is an indoor arena, located in Herning, Denmark, that is part of the Messecenter Herning. It hosts concerts, basketball, volleyball, team handball and gymnastics competitions. It has hosted the 2010 European Women's Handball Championships and it will host the 2013 European Short Course Swimming Championships.

On October 1, 2010, Danish financial institution, Jyske Bank purchased naming rights to the arena. The arena's opening event, on October 20, 2010, was a concert by Lady Gaga, during The Monster Ball Tour, with Semi Precious Weapons as her opening act. The arena was also being considered as the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, before the contract was eventually won by B&W Hallerne, Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.

Competing entries

All the competing entries were selected by the broadcaster. The song presentation was on the day of the semi-finals; each song was presented during their semi-final performance.

Among the competing artists is previous Danish entrant Aura Dione, who represented the country in the 3rd edition of the contest. Swedish band Icona Pop also competed in the selection as the foreign act of the edition.

Table key
     Foreign act
Artist Song (English translation) Songwriter(s)
Aura Dione "Superhuman" Aura Dione, Rick Nowels
Aya "In the Sun" Meghan Trainor, Thomas Stengaard
Hampenberg & Alexander feat. Stine "I Want You" Kurt Christensen, Engelina Andrina, Tue West, Mads Krog, Morten Hampenberg
Icona Pop "Girlfriend" Marvin Harper, Caroline Hjelt, Aino Jawo, Mark Knight, Tupac Shakur, Tyrone Wrice, James F. Reynolds, Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Hermansen, Ricky Rouse, Caweh Passereh, Mack
L.I.G.A "Skylder dig ik' noget(Don't owe you anything) Remee, Nicky Russell, Feras Agwa, Chief 1, Lars Vissing
Mads Langer "You're Not Alone" Tim Kellett, Robin Taylor-Firth
Nik & Jay feat. Lisa Rowe "United" Niclas Petersen, Jannik Thomsen, Aura Dione, Nabil Nafar
NOAH "Over byen" (Over the city) Casper Lindstad, Lasse Dyrholm, Troels Gustavsen
Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" Jimmy Harry, Nanna Øland Fabricius
Panamah "Børn af natten" (Children of the night) Anders Christensen, Peter Lützen, Amalie Stender
Puls "Ild i mit liv" (Fire in my life) Jacob Simonse, Micky Skeel, Niels Baarsby
Quadron "Hey Love" Robin Hannibal, Cecilie Karshøj, Fraser T. Smith, Ali Tamposi
Sebastian Lind "Never Let Go" Sebastian Lind
Sukkerchok feat. U$O "Tænder mig" (Turn me) Marcus Winther-John, Rune Braager, Tim McEwan, Sarah West, Burhan Genc
Sventstrup & Vendelboe feat. Nadia Malm "Dybt vand" (Deep water) Engelina Andrina, Kasper Svenstrup, Thomas Vendelboe
Tina Dico "You Wanna Teach Me to Dance" Tina Dico, Helgi Jonsson


On 19 and 20 August 2013, the artists were announced. The songs and the running order of the semi-finals were revealed on 22 August 2013. The voting in the semi-finals started on 25 August 2013.

Semi-final 1

The first semi-final was held on 25 August 2013. The results were announced on 29 August 2013.

# Artist(s) Song
(English translation)
Votes Place Result
Total Jury Public
1 Aura Dione "Superhuman" 71 27 44 4 Out
2 Quadron "Hey Love" 70 44 26 5 Out
3 Aya "In the Sun" 66 25 41 7 Out
4 Tina Dico "You Wanna Teach Me to Dance" 44 7 37 8 Out
5 Sventstrup & Vendelboe
feat. Nadia Malm
"Dybt vand" 69 46 23 6 Final
Jury qualifier
6 Sukkerchok feat. U$O "Tænder mig" 93 54 39 2 Final
7 Icona Pop "Girlfriend" 92 44 48 3 Final
8 Puls "Ild i mit liv" 97 54 43 1 Final

Semi-final 2

The second semi-final was held on 30 August 2013. The results were announced on 4 September 2013.

# Artist(s) Song Votes Place Result
Total Jury Public
1 Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" 65 38 27 2 Final
2 Hampenberg & Alexander
feat. Stine Bramsen
"I Want You" 38 13 25 5 Out
3 L.I.G.A "Skylder dig ik' noget" 98 50 48 1 Final
4 Panamah "Børn af natten" 37 27 10 6 Out
5 Noah "Over byen" 56 32 24 4 Final
Jury qualifier
6 Nik & Jay feat. Lisa Rowe "United" 64 36 28 3 Final
7 Sebastian Lind "Never Let Go" 31 5 26 8 Out
8 Mads Langer "You're Not Alone" 31 14 27 7 Out


The final was held on 5 September 2013. The results were announced on 14 September 2013.

# Artist(s) Song Votes Place
Total Jury Public
1 L.I.G.A "Skylder dig ik' noget" 115 64 51 1
2 Sventstrup & Vendelboe "Dybt vand" 46 33 13 8
3 Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" 87 33 54 3
4 Puls "Ild i mit liv" 86 57 29 4
5 Noah "Over byen" 83 52 31 5
6 Icona Pop "Girlfriend" 71 32 39 6
7 Sukkerchok feat. U$O "Tænder mig" 63 24 39 7
8 Nik & Jay feat. Lisa Rowe "United" 94 49 45 2


Four songs qualified to the final: the top three according both juries and public and the top scored according the juries from the other five songs. The voting system was like in Fantasifestivalen: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2. In both semi-finals and final the voters were juries and public from some of the participating countries in North Vision. List of the voted can be found below.


Each country had to select if their voters would be jury or public. The table below shows the international voters (public or juries).

Semi-final 1
Juries Azerbaijan, BulgariaDenmark, FYR MacedoniaPortugalSweden, Ukraine 7
Public Andorra, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Norway, RomaniaSouth Korea1 7
Semi-final 2
Juries Denmark, France, FYR Macedonia, Norway, Romania 5
Public Belgium, Lebanon, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine
Juries AzerbaijanDenmark, France, FYR MacedoniaNorway, PolandSouth Korea1, Ukraine 8
Public Cyprus, Finland, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Sweden 7

1 indicates non-participants

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