Fantasifestivalen 16
(Official logo)
Final 20 September
Venue Friends Arena
Stockholm, Sweden
Presenter(s) Christer Björkman
Broadcaster SVT
Entries 5
System 100% SMS and telephone voting in the final.
Winner "Human Touch"
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Fantasifestivalen 16 is the sixteenth edition of the Swedish music competition Fantasifestivalen that selects Sweden's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 16.

Foreigner Final

SVT has decided to not include any foreign singer for this edition.


On July 30, SVT has officially announced their plans for the sixteenth edition of Fantasifestivalen which included plenty of changes. It was announced that one singer would be selected internally, and the entry would be chosen by the Swedish public out of five.

This means, Fantasifestivalen 16 is officially the first edition with a selected artist and with no semi-finals, unless you count the fifth/sixth edition.

On August 25, it was officially revealed, that Agnes Carlsson would be representing Sweden at the North Vision Song Contest 16.


# Song
(English translation)
Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Total Place
01 "Like God" Agnes Carlsson, Shereen Shabana, Tony Nilsson 241 5
02 "Human Touch" Agnes Carlsson, Vincent Pontare, Tony Nilsson 386 1
03 "Nothing Else Matters" Agnes Carlsson, Vincent Pontare, Sharon Vaughn 273 4
04 "Loaded" Agnes Carlsson, Sharon Vaughn, Tony Nilsson 358 2
05 "All I Want Is You" Agnes Carlsson, Ana Diaz, Vincent Pontare 337 3
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