North Vision Song Contest 14
Country Flag of Germany Germany
National selection
Selection process National selection
Selection date(s) National final: April/May 2015
Selected entrant TBA
Selected song TBA
Finals performance
Semi-final result TBA
Final result TBA
Germany in the North Vision Song Contest
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Germany took part at the fourteenth North Vision Song Contest .

Unser Song für XX

File:Unser Song für XX 14.png Unser Song für NVSC 14' ("Our Song for NVSC 14") was the competition that selected Germany's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 14. The German national final took place at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne on TBD.

National final

File:Winners on stage.jpg The national final featured the eight competing artists performing their songs with the selection of the winning entry occurring over three rounds of public televoting: the first round reduced eight artists to four, the second round reduced eight songs to four and the third round resulted in the selection of the winning artist and song. In addition to the performances from the competing artists, the show featured guest performances by TBA. At the conclusion of the show, TBA was selected as the winner with the song TBA.

Competing artists and songs

Artist Songs (English translation) Photo
Fahrenhaidt "Frozen Silence" Artist 1
"Mother Earth"
Laing "Zeig Deine Muskeln" (English translation: Show your muscles) Artist 2
"Wechselt Die Beleuchtung" (English translation: Switch the lights)
Oonagh "Ananau - Wo die Höhen zum Himmel reichen"
(English translation: Ananau - Where the heights reach for the sky)
Artist 3
Alexa Feser "Glück" (English translation: Fortune) Artist 4
"Das Gold von morgen" (English translation: The gold of tomorrow)
Balbina "Kuckuck" (English translation: Peekaboo) Artist 5
"Langsam Langsamer" (English translation: Slowly Slower)
Cascada "Reason" Artist 6
Elaiza "I Don't Love You" Artist 7
Mark Foster "Flash mich" (English translation: Flash me) Artist 8
"Bauch und Kopf" (English translation: Belly and head)

Round 1

In the first round, each artist performed one of the two songs they have selected to perform first. The top four artists were selected by televoting to proceed to the second round.

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 Balbina "Kuckuck" 8 88
2 Elaiza "I Don't Love You" 6 111
3 Mark Forster "Flash mich" 7 102
4 Oonagh "Ananau - Wo die Höhen zum Himmel reichen" 5 114
5 Laing "Zeig deine Muskeln" 1-4
6 Fahrenhaidt "Frozen Silence" 1-4
7 Alexa Feser "Glück" 1-4
8 Cascada "Reason" 1-4

Round 2

In the second round, the four artists that have qualified from the first round performed their second song. Out of all 8 songs of the remaining artists (both from round 1 and 2) the top two songs were selected by televoting. These two songs had to be from different artists. If the top 2 songs were both from the same artist only the first would advance together with the third placed song.

Draw Artist Song Result
1 Alexa Feser "Glück" 1-2
2 Alexa Feser "Das Gold von Morgen" 3-8
3 Fahrenhaidt "Frozen Silence" 1-2
4 Fahrenhaidt "Mother Earth" 3-8
5 Laing "Zeig Deine Muskeln" 3-8
6 Laing "Wechselt Die Beleuchtung" 3-8
7 Cascada "Reason" 3-8
8 Cascada "Madness" 3-8

Round 3

In the third round, public televoting determined the winning song and artist, respectively.

Draw Artist Song Televote Result
1 Fahrenhaidt "Frozen Silence" 47% 02
2 Alexa Feser "Glück" 53% 01

At Northvision

Germany performed  9th in the grand final.

Points awarded to Germany

Points Awarded to Germany (Grand Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Germany

Semi-final 2

Points awarded in second semi-final:

12 points
10 points
8 points
7 points
6 points
5 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point


Points awarded in the final:

12 points
10 points
8 points
7 points
6 points
5 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point

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