Flag of Greece
Broadcaster ERT
Selection process
Appearances 32 (16 finals)
Debut NVSC #01
Best result 2nd: #22
Worst result 4th in P.Q.R.: #14
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#33) 3rd
Highest ranking 3rd
Lowest ranking 46th

Greece debuted in the 1st edition of North Vision Song Contest. Their best score is the second place, achieving this to NVSC #22, by Eleni Foureira's song, "Mono gia sena". The song came third in the jury voting and won the televoting. In the 8th edition of the show, Eleni Foureira had achieved the previously best result for Greece, the 5th place with the song "Anemos agapis".


Table key
 Winner  Last place  Did not qualify to the semi-finals
 Second place  Automatically qualified to the final  Withdrawn or disqualified
 Third place  Did not qualify to the final  Did not compete
Edn. Host city Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Flag of Hungary Budapest Eleni Hatzidou "Xeirotera" (Χειρότερα) 23 43 9 71
#02 Flag of Iceland Reykjavik Thomai Apergi "Mia vradia" (Μια Βραδιά)
Failed to qualify
19 29
#03 Flag of Switzerland Winterthur Paola Foka "Krata me" (Κράτα Με) 9 111 10 67
#04 Flag of Sweden Gothenburg Michalis Chatzigiannis "I agapi dynamonei" (Η Αγάπη Δυναμώνει)
Failed to qualify
21 21
#05 Flag of Denmark Aarhus Marina and The Diamonds "Hollywood" 18 103 9 65
#06 Flag of Lebanon Beirut Despina Vandi "Gia" (Γεια)
Failed to qualify
16 48
#07 Flag of United Kingdom Liverpool Giorgos Tsalikis "Panikos (Eee-Ooo)" (Πανικός Εεε-Οοο) 20 46
#08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Eleni Foureira "Anemos agapis" (Άνεμος Αγάπης) 5 158 4 96
#09 Flag of Norway Oslo Playmen feat. Demy "Nothing Better" 14 87 "Big 5" Member
#10 Flag of Norway Bergen Thomai Apergi "Keep Your Head Up High"
Failed to qualify
11 59
#11 Flag of Ukraine Lviv Freaky Fortune "Gi kai ouranos" (Γη και Ουρανός) 8 147 5 84
#12 Flag of Denmark Herning Katerina Lioliou "Itan ligo(Ήταν Λίγο)
Failed to qualify
13 58
#13 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Tamta "Den ime o,ti nomizeis" (Δεν είμαι ό,τι νομίζεις) 19 36
#14 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana Angelika Dusk "Marionette" Failed to qualify from the P.Q.R.
#15 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen Shaya Hansen "Sunshine"
Failed to qualify
11 68
#16 Did not participate
#17 Flag of Switzerland Zürich Malou "Tous eipes pos" (Τους Είπες Πώς)
Failed to qualify
13 54
#18 Flag of Belgium Brussels Amaryllis "Gyrisa selida" (Γύρισα Σελίδα) 14 38
#19 Flag of Italy Milan Kaylynn "What Do We Get" 17 76
#20 Flag of Albania Tirana Malou "Des me" (Δες Με) Failed to qualify from the P.Q.R.
#21 Flag of Czech Republic Prague Angelika Dusk "Scream"
Failed to qualify
17 74
#22 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Eleni Foureira "Mono gia sena" (Mόνο Για Σένα) 2 365 1 235
#23 Flag of Sweden Stockholm Tania Breazou "O kosmos mou" (Ο Κόσμος Μου) 24 85 "Big 6" Member
#24 Flag of Austria Vienna Marietta Fafouti "Living for the Night"
Failed to qualify
12 130
#25 Did not participate
#26 Flag of Netherlands Rotterdam Kaylynn "The Dragging" 18 199 7 165
#27 Flag of Ukraine Odessa Yianna Terzi "Karma" 4 311 5 172
#28 Flag of Switzerland Bern Ioanna Gika "Roseate" 20 162 "Big 6" Member
#29 Flag of Ireland Dublin Aphrodite "How It Goes" 21 140 8 160
#30 Flag of Sweden Malmö Lila Trianti "Meine" (Μείνε) 10 253 3 217
#31 Flag of Norway Lillehammer Andromachi "Na'soun psema" (Να'σουν Ψέμα) 6 310 4 190
#32 Flag of Luxembourg Luxem. City Iasonas Mandilas "Mono esena" (Μόνο Εσένα) 7 305 "Big 6" Member
#33 Flag of Georgia Batumi Evangelia "Páme Páme" (Πάμε Πάμε) 18 199 1 238
#34 Flag of Slovakia Bratislava

Draw history

Greece has so far competed in a total of thirty shows ‒ twenty four semi-finals, fifteen finals and two pre-qualification rounds. The country has been allocated to perform in the second half for the majority of the contest. Also, when the country was an automatic qualifier, they were drawn to perform in the second half for the majority of the contest.

Table key
     First half
     Second half
Edn. Entry Final SF1 SF2 PQR
#01 "Xeirotera" 09 06 N/A
#02 "Mia vradia" NQ 08
#03 "Krata me" 07 20
#04 "I agapi dynamonei" NQ 22
#05 "Hollywood" 09 20
#06 "Gia" NQ 22
#07 "Panikos (Eee-Ooo)" NQ 02
#08 "Anemos agapis" 24 20
#09 "Nothing Better" 18 Member of the "Big 5"
#10 "Keep Your Head Up High" NQ 11
#11 "Gi kai ouranos" 20 01
#12 "Itan ligo" NQ 11
#13 "Den ime o,ti nomizeis" NQ 05
#14 "Marionette" NQ 06
#15 "Sunshine" NQ 14
#16 Did not compete
#17 "Tous eipes pos" NQ 11
#18 "Gyrisa selida" NQ 03
#19 "What Do We Get" NQ 20
#20 "Des me" NQ 01
#21 "Scream" NQ 06
#22 "Mono gia sena" 26 05
#23 "O kosmos mou" 20 Member of the "Big 6"
#24 "Living for the Night" NQ 01
#25 Did not compete
#26 "The Dragging" 03 06
#27 "Karma" 17 20
#28 "Roseate" 03 Member of the "Big 6"
#29 "How It Goes" 21 18
#30 "Meine" 24 01
#31 "Na'soun psema" 11 10
#32 "Mono esena" 26 Member of the "Big 6"
#33 "Páme Páme" 07 04

North Vision Awards

The North Vision Awards (formerly known as the After-show Awards) is a ceremony held to honor the artists and songs of the editions. Sweden has received nine awards out of the thirty-one nominations of the Swedish artists and songs.

Ceremony Nominated Award Result
NVSC #05 Giorgos Tsalikis Best Male Artist Nominated
NVSC #08 "Anemos Agapis" Best Ballad Nominated
Best Southern song Won
Best Top 5 song Nominated
NVSC #10
(special awards)
"Xeirotera" Best Last Place Ever Nominated
"Nothing Better" Best Big 5 Entry Ever Nominated
NVSC #11 Freaky Fortune Best Band / Duet Nominated
"Gi kai ouranos" Best Non-English song Nominated
NVSC #12 "Itan ligo" Best Pop Nominated
NVSC #13 "Den ime o,ti nomizeis" Best Southern song Nominated
NVSC #14 "Marionette" Best PQR song Won
NVSC #15 "Tous eipes pos" Best Pop Nominated
NVSC #18 Amaryllis Best Female Artist Nominated
"Gyrisa selida" Best Southern song Nominated

North Vision Song of the Year

The North Vision Song of the Year (also known simply as Song of the Year) is the annual award show held to honor the best song from the editions that were held during the respective year. One Greek entry made it to the top 50 of 2016. Since 2016 a Greek entry made it again in 2019, this time two songs.

Year Artist Song Result
2016 Malou "Des Me" Top 50
2019 Yianna Terzi "Karma" Top 20
Lila Trianti "Meine" Top 50

Voting history

Greece's voting statistics as of the twenty-first edition. The tables list the points given or received by Greece in the semi-finals, the finals and a total of both. However, the points given in Pre-Qualification Rounds are not included. Switzerland is currently the country that has received the most points from Greece while Albania is the country that has given the most points to Greece.

Greece has given the most points to...
(semi-finals and finals)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 180
2 Austria Austria 153
3 Flag of Turkey Turkey 141
4 Flag of Denmark Denmark 127
5 Flag of Sweden Sweden 125

Greece has received the most points from...
(semi-finals and finals)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Albania Albania 161
2 Flag of Norway Norway 160
3 Flag of Spain Spain 139
4 Flag of Poland Poland 133
5 Flag of Denmark Denmark 132

Commentators and spokespersons

Edition(s) Final television commentator Semi-finals television commmentator Radio commentator Spokesperson Broadcaster
#01 Maria Kozakou and Giorgos Kapoutzidis N/A Elliniki Tileorasi
#02 N/A
#03 N/A
#04 Demy
#05 Maria Menounos
#06 Christina Salti
#07 Crystallia Riga
#08 Helena Paparizou NERIT
#09 Nick Raptakis
#10 Demy
#11 Eleni Tsolaki
#12 Angelika Dusk
#13 Shaya Hansen
#14 Giorgos Kapoutzidis
#15 Despina Vandi
#16 Did not participate ERT
#17 Thomai Apergi
#18 Klelia Renesi
#19 Antonella Kouelier
#20 Julia Alexandratou
#21 Julia Nova
#22 N/A
#23 Marina Satti
#24 N/A
#25 Did not participate
#26 Nicki and Loudaros Adonis Loudaros Maraveyas
#27 Maria Kozakou and Giorgos Kapoutzidis Iliana Papageorgiou
#28 Soula Glamorous
#29 Nalyssa Green
#30 Vicky Kaya
#32 Anastasia Giousef
#33 Anna-Maria Psiharaki

Other contests

OGAN Second Chance Contest

The contest takes place during the contest, usually during the second semi-final of the respective edition. It is not an televised event, but only through YouTube. Greece debuted in the first edition already, held for the eighth edition.

Edn Host Artist Song Place Points Place in NorthSong
#08 Flag of Sweden Sweden Despina Vandi "Hano esena" 9 67 3rd
#09 Did not participate
#10 Flag of Sweden Sweden Nicolas Costa feat. Freaky Fortune "In A World Without You" 3 100 5th
#11 Flag of Norway Norway Eirini Merkouri "Ki An Tora Den Thymase" 16 59 4th
#12 Flag of Norway Norway Demy "Rodino Oniro" 8 77 3rd
#13 Flag of Armenia Armenia Eleni Foureira "Na Taxidepsoume Mazi" 11 39 2nd
Did not participate from 14th to 17th edition
#18 Flag of Denmark Denmark Angelika Dusk "Center of the Universe" 17 29 3rd
#19 Did not participate
#20 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Helena Paparizou "Fiesta" 4 98 5th
Did not participate from 21st to 23rd edition
#24 Flag of Denmark Denmark Andromachi "To feggari" 15 32 2nd
#25 Did not participate
#26 Did not participate
#27 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Nalyssa Green "Krevati" 15 22 3rd
#28 Did not participate
#29 Flag of Ireland Ireland Livin R ft. Andriana & Dimitris "Neraida" 9 50 2nd
#30 Did not participate
#31 Flag of Norway Norway Charis Savva "Krifto" 5 81 3rd
#32 Flag of Romania Romania Eleonora Zouganeli "Kapou s'eho ksanadei" 19 38 4th
#33 Flag of United Kingdom UK Josephine "Ego" 6 76 2nd

Junior North Vision Song Contest

The contest is only for European artists under the age of 16. Greece debuted in the third edition. Their entries have all been selected through internal selections.

Edn Host city Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#03 Flag of Finland Mariehamn Georgios Polichronidis "One More Time" 15 26 No semi-finals
#04 Flag of Romania Cluj-Napoca Marina "The Sound of Silence" 16 38
#05 Flag of Netherlands Amsterdam Katerina "I Epimoni Sou" 17 19
Did not participate from sixth edition to date

Balkan Music Bash

The contest is held between the Balkan countries that are members of the North Broadcasting Union. Greece debuted in the first edition and got the twelvth place out of twelve countries.

Edn Host City Artist Song Place Points
#01 Flag of Bulgaria Varna Eleonora & Kostas "I Epimoni Sou" 12 35
#02 Flag of Slovenia Ljubljana Giorgos Giasemis "Me Exeis Trelanei" 7 28
#03 Flag of Montenegro Podgorica Josephine "Ti" 3 70
#04 Flag of Serbia Novi Sad Iasonas Mandilas "Hilia kommatia" 3 73
#05 Flag of Macedonia Skopje Xryspa "Aladdin"
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