Born Brisbane, Australia
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2012–present
Associated acts Avenor

LeLe is a 24 year old Australian born singer/songwriter and graphic artist with a passion for Japanese culture that grew from her early love of Anime.


Her music is a unique blend of Breakbeat, Electronica and Disco Pop, combined with a mix of Japanese and English lyrics. In 2012, LELE was invited to Tokyo where she performed shows in Akasaka and Shibuya, and was a guest act during the ‘Girl’s Rock Confidence’ pop concert in Shimokitazawa. While LELE is still a growing name in the EMD scene, internationally she has over 268,000 Facebook fans from Japan to Mexico and the Philippines to France, with total online music plays exceeding 100,000. This exposure has allowed her to gain the support and sponsorship of ‘Madman Entertainment Australia’, ‘Cyberlox Shop UK’ and 'Kiss Me Kill Me’. On May 3rd 2013, LELE released her debut EP ‘Hello Tokyo’ featuring five original tracks ‘Hello Tokyo’, ‘Fight’, ‘Alive’, ‘Don’t Be Late’ and ‘Midnight Voice’. Her recent show details have been featured on the front cover of MX Newspaper, a popular newspaper in Brisbane and she has made guest appearances on several radio stations. In Australia she has performed at events such as ‘Neko Nation’, ‘The Brisbane Writers Festival’ and ‘The Press Club’. LELE has recently accepted an approach by ‘Neko Nation’ to join their team of artists, and completed a tour of the Australian capital cities with the club event in April 2014, alongside popular DJ’s and other artists from Japan and around the world.

LELE works alongside Tomohiro, who is her lyrical translator.