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Logo in use since the first edition.
Lebanese Song Festival is an annual music competition organised by Lebanese public broadcaster Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation Europe (LBC Europe), which determines the country's representative for the North Vision Song Contest since the fifth edition.


Lebanese Song Festival is inspired by the selection in NVSC such as the Swedish selection Fantasifestivalen and the Danish selection Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.


Every Lebanese artist can apply to enter the selection.the world cannot enter.


The Lebanese broadcaster decided to have both artists selected by the juries and public. Also artists will get the chance to apply for the selection a few days before the press from where the artists by the juries will be selected. After the jury selection a poll will be posted on the NVSC website where the public will get the chance to vote for their favorites out of the non-selected contestants. After completing a total of sixteen artists (eight from the juries and eight from the public) the selection will start with the artists' submitted songs.


Each artist has the right to submit only one song. However, a composer or lyricist can be a contributor in more than one song. It's not mandatory that the composers will be Lebanese. The song can be in any language. After the artists submit their song both the juries and public select their favorite songs to enter the semi-finals.


The voting system that is used for the selection is similar to the system used in North Vision. The juries award their 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points to their top eight songs and it is the 50% of the total score. Televoting is the other 50% of total. In the semi-finals the top three according the total score qualifies while the fourth qualifier is the most scored song from the other five songs according the jury. In the final the song with the highest number of points at the end of the voting is the winner.


LSF Edition NVSC Edition Artist Song Translation Position in North Vision
#01 #5 Nicole Saba "Hafdal Ahlam" Keep on Dreaming 1st
#02 #6 Brigit Yaghi "Alby W Omry" My Heart and Life 24th
#03 #7 Aline Lahoud "Quand Tout S'enfuit" When everything fled 21st
#04 #9 Haifa Wehbe "MJK (Heartbeats Remix)" - --
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