Flag of Lebanon
Broadcaster (LBC Europe) Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation Europe
Appearances 22 (9 finals)
Debut NVSC #05
Best result 1st (#05)
Worst result 7th in PQR (#11)
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#25) 37th
Highest ranking 9th
Lowest ranking 51st

Lebanon debuted in the fifth edition of North Vision Song Contest and has participated in every edition since then. The Lebanese broadcaster, Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation Europe (LBC Europe), has been the organizer of the Lebanese entry since the country's debut.

History of Lebanon in Northvision

LBC Europe showed interest on participating in the contest. They confirmed their debut a day after the submissions of the contest had opened. They hosted a national selection called Lebanese Song Festival and ended winning th whole edition in their debut.


There have so far been eleven contestants that represented Norway in the contest with two of them achieving a top 10 result, including one victory.

Table key
 Winner  Last place  Did not qualify to the semi-finals
 Second place  Automatically qualified to the final  Withdrawn or disqualified
 Third place  Did not qualify to the final  Did not compete
Edn. Host city Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#05 Flag of Denmark Aarhus Nicole Saba "Hafdal Ahlam" 1 173 1 133
#06 Flag of Lebanon Beirut Brigitte Yaghi "Alby W Omry" 24 51
Reigning Champion
#07 Flag of United Kingdom Liverpool Aline Lahoud "Quand Tout S'enfuit" 21 89 9 65
#08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Therése Neaimé "Sold to Perfection"
Failed to qualify
11 66
#09 Flag of Norway Oslo Haifa Wehbe "MJK (Heartbeats Remix)" 11 57
#10 Flag of Norway Bergen Carole Samaha "Wahshani Baladi" 19 27
#11 Flag of Ukraine Lviv Diana Haddad "La Fiesta" Failed to qualify from the P.Q.R.
#12 Flag of Denmark Herning Helly Luv "Risk It All" 13 116 9 75
#13 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Amar "Ma3 Nafsi"
Failed to qualify
15 56
#14 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana Myriam Fares "Nifsi Aoulhalak" 2 189 4 105
#15 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen Carole Samaha "Sahranine" 20 79
'Big 6' member
#16 Flag of Israel Jerusalem Myriam Fares "Aman"
Failed to qualify
12 53
#17 Flag of Switzerland Zürich Lea Makhoul "Give Me Sunlight" 15 35
#18 Flag of Belgium Brussels Hiba Tawaji "Comme un symbole" 15 32
#19 Flag of Italy Italy Yara "Khallouni Maou" 21 15
#20 Flag of Albania Tirana Rawanne "Leh" 24 123 10 130
#21 Flag of Czech Republic Prague Nicole Saba "Mesh Wa't El Kalam"
Failed to qualify
13 119
#22 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Carolina K "Goza La Vida" 18 61
#23 Flag of Sweden Stockholm Did not compete
#24 Flag of Austria Vienna Nelly Makdessy "Kunt Atmanna" 17 184 5 175
#25 Flag of Morocco Casablanca Xriss "Black Dress"
Failed to qualify
15 90
#26 Flag of Netherlands Rotterdam Nina Abdel Malak "Eza hajarta" 14 220 9 159
#27 Flag of Ukraine Odessa Nelly Makdessy "Hala Hala" TBA

Commentators and spokespersons

Edition(s) Commentator Spokesperson
NVSC #05 Selvin Reyes Kristina Maria
NVSC #06 Nicole Saba
NVSC #07 Elissa
NVSC #08 Aline Lahoud
NVSC #09 Nancy Ajram
NVSC #10 Diana Haddad
NVSC #11 Nicole Saba
NVSC #12 Mory Hatem
NVSC #13 Haifa Wehbe

Lebanese Music Recording Certifications

Thresholds of certification for singles (physical only or any format), by country or territory
Certifying body Thresholds per award
Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Based on
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry – Lebanon 10,000 20,000 40,000 400,000 Shipments