Current logo of the union (2017─)

The North Broadcasting Union, often referred as NBU is a union of broadcasters from fifty five different countries across Europe, North Africa and the Caucasus Area with its headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden. Every country that is member of the NBU, is allowed to take part in the North Vision Song Contest. There are a few nations which have tried to join the NBU with some of them being accepted and some of them being declined. In addition to the full members of the organization, there are countries which were accepted as associate members; these members are allowed to broadcast NBU's competitions.


The North Broadcasting Union was formed in March 2013 by the Hungarian broadcaster. The first production of the union was the North Vision Song Contest which started in March 2013, the same month as the union's formation. The union had forty-three members during the first edition of the contest and currently, there are sixty-nine members including fourteen associate members.

NBU Logo 2013─2014
NBU Logo 2014─2015
NBU Logo 2015─2017

The logo of the NBU has been changed four times in total. The first logo consisted of simple block letters in three different shades of blue and was changed after the fourth edition of the contest. The second logo consisted of the block letters and a colourful spiral in the background.

The logo was changed again in October 2014 and was used until April 2015. The third version of the logo featured the name with letters in dark blue and black shades surrounded by circular shapes of different colors. The full name of the union was also featured below the shape.

The fourth change came in late April 2015. The logo now featured just the abbreviation and the full name of the union. Both were written in aqua letters with a line in the middle separating the two.

The logo was changed again in May 2017; the new logo was revealed along with the intro of the union. The logo had similar concept with the previous one. The abbreviation of the union was written big letters in shades of blue, while the full name was written below in a smaller font.


See also: Heads of Delegations

Active members

The North Broadcasting Union has currently 58 active broadcasters from 55 different countries. The newest member of the NBU is Australia, who joined the union in January 2020. Among the current council members, Sweden and Denmark were in the first official council formed during the 5th edition of the North Vision Song Contest.

Color key
     Council member
     Current host
Country Broadcasting organization Abbr. HoD Edition
Flag of Albania.png Albania Radio Televizioni Shqiptar RTSH Ilias #01#04
Algeria Algeria Canal Algérie ENTV Ste #08
Flag of Andorra.png Andorra Ràdio i Televisió d'Andorra RTVA Adrià #01
Flag of Armenia.png Armenia Armenian Radio-Television AMRTV Pam #15
Flag of Australia.png Australia Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC Maaian #31
FreeTV Australia Free
SBS Australia SBS
Austria Austria Austrian Broadcasting ORF Dennis #01
Flag of Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Television AzTV Domas #02
Flag of Belarus.png Belarus Belarusian Television and Radio Company BTRC Toby #01
Flag of Belgium.png Belgium Flemish Radio- and Television Network VRT Michał #01
Radio and Television of Belgian French RTBF
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Radiotelevision of Bosnia & Herzegovina BHRT Alexandru #01
Flag of Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Bulgarian National Television BNT Gregory #02
Flag of Croatia.png Croatia Croatian Radiotelevision HRT James #01
Flag of Cyprus.png Cyprus Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation RIK / CyBC Adamantios #01
Flag of Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Czech Television ČT Levi #01
Flag of Denmark.png Denmark Denmark's Radio DR Dimitris #01
Flag of Estonia.png Estonia Eesti Rahvusringhääling ERR Matilda #01
Flag of Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands Kringvarp Føroya KVF Daniel #09
Flag of Finland.png Finland Finnish Broadcasting Corporation YLE Santeri #01
Flag of France.png France France Télévisions GRF Jens #01
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia Georgian Public Broadcaster GPB Jure #01
Flag of Germany.png Germany West German Broadcasting WDR Julian #27
Flag of Greece.png Greece Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT George #0105
Flag of Hungary.png Hungary TV2 Gery #17
Iceland Iceland Ríkisútvarpið Sjónvarp RÚV Dylan #01
Flag of Ireland.png Ireland Raidió Teilifís Éireann RTÉ Mihai #01
Flag of Israel.png Israel Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation IPBC Maxim #22
Flag of Italy.png Italy Italian Radio-Television RAI William #01
Flag of Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Gakku TV Ivo #34
Flag of Latvia.png Latvia Latvijas Televīzija LTV Luiri #01
Flag of Lebanon.png Lebanon Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation LBC Shaun (UK) #05
Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania Lithuanian National Radio and Television LRT Rytis #01
Flag of Luxembourg.png Luxembourg CLT Multi Media RTL Tom (CA) #01
Flag of Malta.png Malta Public Broadcasting Services PBS Antony #02
Flag of Moldova.png Moldova Teleradio-Moldova TRM Rethnas #04
Flag of Monaco.png Monaco TMC Monte Carlo TMC Alex (UK) #01
Flag of Montenegro.png Montenegro Radio Television of Montenegro RTCG Rudis #01
Flag of Morocco.png Morocco La deuxième Télévision 2M TV Kostas #20
Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands Netherlands Public Broadcasting AVROTROS Matt #01
Flag of North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Macedonian Radio-Television MRT Josh #01
Flag of Norway.png Norway Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK Vaios #01
Flag of Poland.png Poland Polish Television TVP Mateusz #01
Flag of Portugal.png Portugal Radio and Television of Portugal RTP Aless #01
Flag of Romania.png Romania Televiziunea Română TVR Seb #01
Flag of Russia.png Russia Channel One Russia C1R Alex (NL) #01
Rossijskoe Teleradio RTR #22
Flag of San Marino.png San Marino Radio-Television of San Marino SMRTV Ivan #01
Flag of Serbia.png Serbia Radio Television of Serbia RTS Niall #01
Flag of Slovakia.png Slovakia Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska RTVS Vukasin #26
Flag of Slovenia.png Slovenia Radio-Television Slovenia RTVSLO Anes #02
Flag of Spain.png Spain Spanish Television TVE Alper #04
Telecinco #19
Flag of Sweden.png Sweden Sveriges Television SVT Jan #01
Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR Andreas #01
Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia Télévision Tunisienne 1 TT1 Jmain #28
Flag of Turkey.png Turkey Turkish North Vision TNV Edoardo #29
Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine National Television Company of Ukraine NTU Anton #06
Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom British Broadcasting Corporation BBC Kevin #01

Past active members

Country Broadcasting organization Abbr. From To
Flag of Albania.png Albania Klan Television Klan TV #04 #17
Flag of Armenia.png Armenia Public Television of Armenia ARMTV #02 #14
Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt Egyptian Radio and Television Union ERTU #18 #30
Flag of Germany.png Germany North German Broadcasting NDR #01 #26
Flag of Greece.png Greece New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television NERIT #05 #15
Flag of Hungary.png Hungary Hungarian Television MT #01 #14
Hungarian Radio Duna Televízió #15 #16
Flag of Israel.png Israel Israel Broadcasting Authority IBA #02 #21
Flag of Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Kommercheskiy Televizionyy Kanal KTK #05 #06
National Television of Kazakhstan NTK #07 #33
Flag of Liechtenstein.png Liechtenstein 1 Fürstentum Liechtenstein Television 1FLTV #03 #27
Flag of Moldova.png Moldova Moldova Television MLTV #02 #03
Flag of Morocco.png Morocco Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision SNRT #01 #19
Flag of Slovakia.png Slovakia Jednotka #02 #26
Flag of Spain.png Spain Radio y Televisión Española RTVE #01 #03
Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia NessmaTV - #08 #16
Flag of Turkey.png Turkey Turkish Radio and Television Corporation TRT #01 #05
Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine One Plus One 1+1 #01 #05

Associate members

Countries with Associate NBU Membership.

Any group or organisation member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which provide a radio or television service outside of the North Broadcasting Area, are permitted to submit applications to the NBU for Associate Membership. Countries which have this status also pay an annual fee to maintain this status, if a fee is not paid, then their Associate Membership is revoked. The NBU also stated that Associate Members are not granted access into the Northvision system. However, for the twentieth anniversary edition, it was decided that one of the associate members would be allowed to take part in the final of the edition. The country was selected through the Associate Broadcasters Final in which all the associate members were able to send their entries. Due to their top 6 result, Hong Kong was allowed to compete for one more edition.

The list of Associate Members of NBU, comprised the following 44 broadcasting companies from 38 countries as of November 2019. CubaIranMali, Tonga and Uzbekistan were the last members to join in late 2019. 

Country Broadcasting organisation Abbr. HoD
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Televisión Pública TVP Blandine
Flag of Barbados.svg Barbados CBC TV 8 Ashley
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil Fundação Padre Anchieta FPA Ealex
Flag of Canada.svg Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Societé Radio Canada) CBC/SRC Lefteris
Flag of Chile.svg Chile Telecanal Joseph
Flag of China.svg China China Central Television CCTV Agni
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia Canal Uno Canal 1 Josiah
Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica Teletica Arguello
Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba Cubavisión Alex Memphis
Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador Ecuavisa N/A
Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji Fiji Television FTV Felix
Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana Ghana Today Television GTV Starvisionboy
Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala VEA Canal N/A
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong Radio Television Hong Kong RTHK Basil
Flag of India.svg India Star Plus Jure
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia Televisi Republik Indonesia TVRI Syr
Flag of Iran.svg Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting IRIB Jacob
Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica Television Jamaica TVJ Francisco
Flag of Japan.svg Japan Fuji Television JOCX N/A
Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK
Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan Jordan Radio and Television Corporation JRTV N/A
Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya Kenya Broadcasting Corporation KBC N/A
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia Radio Televisyen Malaysia RTM Martin
Flag of Mali.svg Mali Office De la Radiodiffusion Télévision du Mali ORTM Valensyah
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico Televisa Hayleyb
Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia Mongolian National Broadcaster MNB N/A
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand Radio New Zealand RNZ Chante
Television New Zealand TVNZ
Flag of Peru.png Peru TV Perú TVPE Marcos
Flag of Philippines.svg Philippines Alto Broadcasting System-Chronicle Broadcasting Network ABS-CBN CJ (nvscfanph)
Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore MediaCorp Tristan
Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC Fatih
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea Korean Broadcasting System KBS James (UK)
Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan Taiwan Broadcasting System TBS N/A
Flag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan Televidenye Tajikistana TVT N/A
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand National Broadcasting Services of Thailand NBT Kinoshita
Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga Tonga Broadcasting Commission TBC Oisín
Flag of United States.svg United States American Broadcasting Company ABC Jakub
CBS Broadcasting Inc. CBS
National Broadcasting Company NBC
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan MTRK iseendale
Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela Venevision N/A
Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam Vietnam Television VTV Robbie

Unsuccessful applicants

There have been several unsuccessful attempts to participate in the North Vision Song Contest. These countries include GreenlandKosovo and also countries that were later approved to join the NBU such as Algeria, the Faroe Islands and Tunisia. For broadcasters to participate, they must be member of the NBU and register their intention to compete before the deadline specified in the rules of that edition.


The NBU Council is a congress of the heads of delegations of different countries of the North Broadcasting Union to discuss each edition's planning, to accept entries of the participating countries and to discuss general rules and standards of the North Vision Song Contest. It was first formed officially during the fourth edition by the Swedish and the Hungarian heads of delegation.


This list shows the current and former permanent or temporary members of the NBU council. Head members are written in bold. The council has currently nine permanent members.

Permanent members

Current members
  • Flag of Catalonia.png Adrià Puigdemont (October 2020–present)
  • Flag of United Kingdom.png Alex Kiev (August 2018–present)
  • Flag of Netherlands.png Alexander Hille (December 2020–present)
  • Flag of Turkey.png Alper Sametoğlu (February 2019–present)
  • Flag of Cyprus.png Dimitris Ioannou (May–June 2013; September 2013–present)
  • Flag of Germany.png Jan Simonis (July 2013–present)
  • Flag of Netherlands.png Jens Rijnen (November 2017–present)
  • Flag of United States.png Josiah Nathan (November 2019–present)
  • Flag of Germany.png Kevin Kern (November 2019–present)
  • Flag of Poland.png Michał Piechota (April 2020–present)
Former members
  • Flag of Cyprus.png Andreas Cyprus (April 2018–September 2020)
  • Flag of France.png Blandine Bardera (June 2016–August 2018)
  • Flag of Germany.png Daniel Lengfeld (September 2013–February 2019)
  • Flag of Austria.png Dennis Sinn (November 2017–April 2020)
  • Flag of United States.png James Davenport (March 2013–January 2014)
  • Flag of United Kingdom.png Jessica Weaver (April 2014–August 2018)
  • Flag of Estonia.png Marika Alexander (April–June 2015; August 2015–December 2018)
  • Flag of Estonia.png Rick Saaltud (September 2013–August 2014; October 2014–January 2017)
  • Flag of Greece.png Vaios Koravos (June 2014–September 2016; January-April 2020)

Temporary members

  • Flag of Israel.png Maxim Raevsky (September 2020-December 2020)
  • Flag of Serbia.png Vukašin Đokić (June-September 2020)
  • Flag of Canada.png Tom Kloser (April-June 2020)
  • Flag of Moldova.png Mihai Ghetiu (July-October 2019)
  • Flag of Germany.png Anton Gomer (December 2018–March 2019)
  • Flag of United Kingdom.png Matt Harrod (August–December 2018)
  • Flag of Germany.png Julian Uhlhaas (November 2017–April 2018)
  • Flag of Ireland.png Dylan Griffin (January–August 2017)
  • Flag of Finland.png Santeri Helakallio (September 2016–January 2017)
  • Flag of Sweden.png Anes Ramic (July–September 2016)
  • Flag of Ireland.png William Cahill (April–July 2016)
  • Flag of Norway.png Jentine Grethe (January–April 2016)
  • Flag of Austria.png Christian Wohlmuth (June–July 2013; November 2015–January 2016)
  • Flag of Romania.png Mate Cristian (February–April 2015; August–November 2015)
  • Flag of Philippines.png Liev Artovsky (October–December 2014)
  • Flag of Serbia.png Lazar Padjan (April–June 2014)
  • Flag of United Kingdom.png Robert Heslop (January–April 2014)
  • Flag of United States.png Selvin Reyes (November 2013–January 2014)

* The council officially existed since the fourth edition but the head member co-operated with other "unofficial" members as the council for the second and third editions.

NBU Competitions

The NBU holds contests where only its members can participate.

North Vision Song Contest

The North Vision Song Contest, often shortened NVSC, or NorthVision, is a song contest on Youtube held among the members of the North Broadcasting Union since March 2013 and is inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest. The current and official NVSC executive supervisor is Jan Simonis.

Junior North Vision Song Contest

The Junior North Vision Song Contest, often shortened JNVSC, or Junior North Vision, is a song contest on Youtube held among the members of the North Broadcasting Union since July 2013 and is inspired by the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The contest is the junior pendant for the North Vision Song Contest.

Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix

The Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix (also known as Nordisk MGP) is an annual music competition organised by the Nordic countries of the North Broadcasting Union.

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