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North Evradesil is an annual music competition organised by Armenian public broadcaster ArmeniaTV (ARMTV), which determines the country's representative for the North Vision Song Contest. The selection first took place to determine the Armenian representative for the 6th edition of North Vision Song Contest.


North Evradesil is a selection based on the Armenian national selection which was created for the Eurovision Song Contest; both of which have a similar title.

Selection process

The selection process for each edition of North Evradesil is almost the same for every edition; all of the songs have to perform in Armenian. All artists and songs are selected by a group of jury members who have been selected by the Armenian broadcaster ARMTV.


A total of 18 artists are chosen for each edition of North Evradesil. All of the chosen artists must be from Armenia whilst the final chosen artist can be from any country in Europe, however exceptions are sometimes made depending on the artist's music genre.


Each artist is able to submit a song for North Evradesil.
For every even numbered NVSC edition, all submitted songs can be submitted in whatever language the artist prefers, however the Armenian language is preferred.


Currently, each edition of North Evradesil will be hosted in Yerevan, however a venue has yet to have been selected. As the selection expands, more cities will be eligible to host the selection.


An international jury will provide their points for each edition of North Evradesil. It has yet to be revealed whether the public will be able to vote in the future editions of the selection.
A jury will represent each European country in the selection. All European countries who wish to vote in the selection must be a member of the NBU. The jury members will vote in Eurovision style; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 points will be given to each participant. The entry with the highest amount of points will win the contest and will therefore represent Armenia in the North Vision Song Contest.


Edition Artist Song Translation NVSC Place
#01 Varsa Le Rêve Brisé The Broken Dream #06 TBA
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