North Vision in Concert 1
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Entries 19
Date 13 April 2013
Venue Caja Mágica
Madrid, Spain
Presenter(s) Monica Naranjo
North Vision in Concert
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North Vision in Concert 1, often referred as NViC 1, will be the first concert of North Vision in Concert for North Vision Song Contest. The first concert will be held in Madrid, Spain.


Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. The population of the city is roughly 3.3 million and the entire population of the Madrid metropolitan area is calculated to be around 6.5 million. It is the third-largest city in the European Union, after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the third-largest in the European Union after London and Paris. The city spans a total of 604.3 km2 (233.3 sq mi). The city is located on the Manzanares river in the centre of both the country and the Community of Madrid (which comprises the city of Madrid, its conurbation and extended suburbs and villages); this community is bordered by the autonomous communities of Castile and León and Castile-La Mancha. As the capital city of Spain, seat of government, and residence of the Spanish monarch, Madrid is also the political, economic and cultural centre of Spain. The current mayor is Ana Botella from the People's Party (PP).

Participating countries

Country Language Artist Song
Flag of Denmark Denmark English Electric Lady Lab "Alive"
Flag of Sweden Sweden Swedish Timoteij "Puls"
Flag of Hungary Hungary TBD April TBD April
Flag of France France French, English Leslie & Ivyrise "Je te donne"
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland English Zazou "Tornado"
Flag of Andorra Andorra Spanish El Sueño De Morfeo "Depende De Ti"
Flag of Monaco Monaco
Flag of Spain Spain Catalan Xiu Xiu Plastic "Supernova"
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus English Eleftheria Eleftheriou "Tables are Turning"
Flag of Albania Albania Albanian Kesji Tola "Qiellin do ta prek me ty"
Austria Austria TBD April TBD April TBD April
Flag of Georgia Georgia Russian Meladze & Via Gra "Prityazhenʹya bolʹshe net"
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Limburgish Beppie Kraft "Laot de zon in dien hart"
Flag of Macedonia North Macedonia Serbian Martin Vučić "Ništa Mi Nije Važno"
Flag of Romania Romania Romanian Andreea Balan "Ma Doare Fara Tine"
Flag of Estonia Estonia Estonian Ott Lepland "Süte peal sulanud jää"
Flag of Portugal Portugal Portuguese Diego Faria "Elas Ficam Loucas"
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic English Verona "Up To The Stars"
Flag of Russia Russia Russian Vintazh "Derev'ya"

Other guests

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine – They confirmed to do a meet and greet during the concert.