OGAN Second Chance Contest 10
Final date 14 October 2014
Venue Sweden
Entries 24
Debuting Flag of Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia.png Croatia
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia
Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania
Flag of Morocco.png Morocco
Flag of Slovenia.png Slovenia
Returning Algeria Algeria
Flag of Armenia.png Armenia
Flag of Greece.png Greece
Flag of Hungary.png Hungary
Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia
Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine
Withdrawing Flag of Albania.png Albania
Flag of Estonia.png Estonia
Iceland Iceland
Flag of Lebanon.png Lebanon
Flag of Poland.png Poland
Flag of Romania.png Romania
Flag of Serbia.png Serbia
Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland
System Each OGAN club awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Null points None
Winner Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Neon Jungle
OGAN Second Chance Contest
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The OGAN Second Chance Contest 10 was the 3rd OGAN Second Chance Contest, organised between members of the international North Vision Song Contest fan club OGAN to select the best song not to make it to the North Vision Song Contest 10 through their national finals. It is held in Sweden after the victory of Manda with her song "Criminals".

Participating countries

A total of 24 OGAN clubs have confirmed to compete, so far. Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Lithuania, Morocco and Slovenia announced their debut in the contest, while Algeria, Armenia, Greece, Hungary, Tunisia and Ukraine are going to return. Albania, Estonia, Iceland, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Switzerland have announced to not compete in this edition despite having participated in the previous edition.


Draw Country Artist Song English Trans. NF Place Points
01 Flag of Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Sanny Alexa feat. F.O. "Znaya Kak" Know How 3rd 24 16
02 Flag of Denmark.png Denmark Emma "Crashing Down" 2nd 15 41
03 Flag of Slovenia.png Slovenia
(Rest of the World)
Nina Pušlar "Ta svet ne zna živet" This world doesn't know how to live N/A 12 54
04 Flag of Ireland.png Ireland Wonder Villains "Zola" 4th 19 38
05 Flag of Latvia.png Latvia Triana Park "Iron Blue" 4th 21 31
06 Flag of Russia.png Russia Roma Acorn & Melissa "Spasibo" Thank you 2nd 22 30
07 Algeria Algeria Amel Bouchoucha "Batal Al Aram Arabi" Arabic World Champion 2nd 9 70
08 Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Neon Jungle "Louder" 2nd 1 116
09 Flag of Slovakia.png Slovakia Mamba Dasha "Goodbye boy" 2nd 23 24
10 Flag of Monaco.png Monaco Kendji Girac "Color Gitano" Gypsy colors 2nd 5 82
11 Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia Amani Swissi "Hay Jazati" This is my reward 2nd 13 52
12 Flag of Norway.png Norway Thea Oskarsen "One of a Kind" 2nd 2 103
13 Flag of Croatia.png Croatia Lana Jurčević "Nitko I Nista" Nobody and nothing 4th 4 93
14 Flag of Turkey.png Turkey Bengisu "Dünyanin Öteki Ucuna" World's on the other end 2nd 10 66
15 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia Niko Hinkiladze feat. Nona "Leto" Summer 2nd 8 71
16 Flag of Armenia.png Armenia Lilit Hovhannisyan "Armenian Girl" 2nd 11 57
17 Flag of Morocco.png Morocco Brahim Fouradi feat. Fabienne Bergmans "Hou Me Vast" Hold me 2nd 14 45
18 Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania Nota "Kas tie žmonės" Who are these people 2nd 20 34
19 Flag of Sweden.png Sweden Rebecca Stella "Give Me That O" 2nd 3 100
20 Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine Goryachiy Shokolad "Steny" Walls 2nd 6 78
21 Flag of Germany.png Germany Madeline Juno "Same Sky" 2nd 17 38
22 Flag of Hungary.png Hungary Mónika Veres "Édes élet" Sweet life 2nd 16 38
23 Flag of France.png France Maude "Rise Up" 2nd 7 77
24 Flag of Greece.png Greece Nicolas Costa feat. Freaky Fortune "In A World Without You" 5th 18 38

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