OGAN Second Chance Contest 31
Final date 22 April 2020
Venue Flag of Norway.png Norway
Entries 24
Debuting Flag of Australia.svg Australia
Returning Flag of Andorra.png Andorra
Flag of Denmark.png Denmark
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia
Flag of Greece.png Greece
Flag of Italy.png Italy
Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania
Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands
Flag of Portugal.png Portugal
Flag of Serbia.png Serbia
Flag of Spain.png Spain
Withdrawing Flag of Albania.png Albania
Flag of Armenia.png Armenia
Flag of Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
Flag of Germany.png Germany
Iceland Iceland
Flag of Montenegro.png Montenegro
Flag of Morocco.png Morocco
Flag of Poland.png Poland
Flag of San Marino.png San Marino
Flag of Slovakia.png Slovakia
Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia
Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine
System Each OGAN club awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner Flag of Romania.png Romania
"Sube el volumen"
OGAN Second Chance Contest
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The OGAN Second Chance Contest 31 is the twenty-fourth edition of the OGAN Second Chance Contest, organised between members of the international North Vision Song Contest fan club OGAN to select the best song not to make it to the North Vision Song Contest 31 through their national finals. It will be held in Norway for the fifth time after their victory in the previous edition with "Hear It Out Loud" by Emelie Hollow.

Participating countries

A total of 24 OGAN clubs confirmed to compete.

Rest of the World participant

Each edition, one of the associate broadcasters can as well submit a song to the competition (as 'Rest of the World'). Whose turn it is, is being decided by a draw. The entry must be from a country that has not confirmed within the deadline. Apart from that, all the other rules should apply.

Flag of South Korea.png South Korea was the selected associate broadcaster, choosing "Ostanesh'sya" by Julia Parshuta, the runner-up in the Belarusian selection.


Draw Country Artist Song NF Place Points
01 Flag of Greece.png Greece Charis Savva "Krifto" 3rd 5 81
02 Flag of Serbia.png Serbia Aleksandra Radosavljevic "Follow Me" 2nd 19 22
03 Flag of Hungary.png Hungary Bea Palya "Hazatalálok én" 2nd 21 9
04 Flag of Belarus.png Belarus (RotW) Julia Parshuta "Ostanesh'sya" 2nd 2 94
05 Flag of Italy.png Italy Rancore "Eden" 3rd 8 67
06 Flag of Romania.png Romania Elena Ionescu "Sube el volumen" 2nd 1 97
07 Flag of Latvia.png Latvia Dana Sokolova "Fonari" 3rd 16 46
08 Flag of Macedonia.png North Macedonia Blush'ko "Japanese Hotel" 2nd 20 12
09 Flag of Ireland.png Ireland Janet Devlin "Honest Men" 2nd 18 29
10 Flag of Andorra.png Andorra Fran Coem "A Matar" 2nd 4 86
11 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia Nai, Goneba "Prey" 2nd 22 3
12 Flag of Finland.png Finland Ollie "Täällä palaa valo" 2nd 12 53
13 Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands Veline "Alleen" 2nd 24 DQ
14 Flag of Turkey.png Turkey Nil Karaibrahimgil "İyi ki" 2nd 17 35
15 Flag of Spain.png Spain Luna Ki "Pluton (mueve la maraca)" 9th 14 48
16 Flag of Denmark.png Denmark Ida Laurberg "Grayzone" 2nd 7 77
17 Flag of Australia.svg Australia Release the Woolves feat. Maribelle "Shotgun" 3rd 6 77
18 Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania Moniqué "Make Me Human" 2nd 23 DQ
19 Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Twin Atlantic "Barcelona" 4th 9 66
20 Flag of Sweden.png Sweden Livia "Lovedrunk" 3rd 3 88
21 Flag of Portugal.png Portugal Diogo Piçarra "Escuro" 3rd 11 55
22 Flag of Norway.png Norway Ora the Molecule "Salé" 3rd 13 52
23 Flag of Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan Aisel "Lullaby" 2nd 15 47
24 Flag of Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Munisa Rizayeva "Bir nima de" 3rd 10 61

12 points

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