Flag of Norway "Running with the Wolves"
North Vision Song Contest 15 entry
Country Norway
Artist(s) Aurora
Language English
Songwriter(s) Adam Scoffield, Magnus Skylstad, Nicolas Rebscher, Odd Martin Skålnes
Finals performance
Final result 9th, 112 points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Cinderella" (14)   
"Play My Drum" (16) ►

"Running with the Wolves" is a English language song by Norwegian singer Aurora. The song won the twelfth edition of the Den Norsken Sangen and was therefore selected to represent Norway in the North Vision Song Contest 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The single was included on her upcoming debut EP with the same name, released on 4 May 2015 via Decca and Universal Music.

The entry was automatically qualified to the final and got the 9th place with 112 points, recieving 12 points from Greece and the Czech Republic.

Track listings

Digital download
No. Title Length
1. "Running with the Wolves"   3:12
NVSC release
No. Title Length
1. "Runaway"   4:10
2. "Running with the Wolves"   3:12
3. "In Boxes"   3:22
4. "Little Boy In The Grass"   4:15
5. "Running with the Wolves" (Instrumental) 3:12
"It’s about having the animal instinct inside you come to life. Running with them, joining them – the instinct taking over, giving you freedom and making you forget about your human self and all things we humans keep around us in the modern society. I think humans need to let go a bit more, shake their bodies more often, like the animals do… It’s a beautiful thing really. Sometimes when you look at the world, and you see what we’ve done to it, the way many of us hurt the world we live in, innocent animals, even our own kind! And that kind of makes you want to follow the wolves instead. At least for one night."
Aurora about the song

Music video

The music video directed by James Alexandrou was premiered through Vevo on Wednesday June 10th. The singer debuts official music video performing acoustic version of the song through Vevo on July 7th. This video was directed by Kenny McCracken.


Chart Peak
Armenia (Fire Charts) 23
Faroe Islands ( 3
Kazakhstan (Grumpy Charts) 85
Norway (Dance Charts) 18
Slovenia (Love Charts) 11
Sweden (Aqua Charts) 5
United Kingdom (Mix Charts) 5


Award Result
Best Alternative song Nominated
Best Northern song Won
Best Big 6 song Nominated

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