Sarah Russel
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Background information
Born Southend-on-sea, Essex, United Kingdom
Genres Trance & Progressive
Occupation(s) Singer/songwriter, EDM vocalist
Labels Enhanced, Sir Adrian Music,
Universal, Adrian&Raz

Sarah Russell is an artist and singer/songwriter based in Southend-on-sea, Essex, United Kingdom.


Music has always been flowing through Sarah's veins, from learning how to play the piano from the age of 5 to quickly picking up on playing the guitar and violin as well. Through time, she learned how easily she could express herself through her warm, emotional voice and writing, which led to delicate and vulnerable songs such as 'You Are' and earned her the achievement of number 1 Folk artist on Myspace UK and an offer from Sony.

After playing alongside other bright talents such as Ellie Goulding at countless lovely venues in London, Sarah recognized that singing alongside nothing more than a guitar was limiting her creative outlet. During that time, she was contacted by producer Jethro East and they formed Electronica act 'Long Lost Sun'.

The success of Long Lost Sun became clear when they were picked up by Adam Young's 'Owl City' and joined their 2011 tour, as well as creating remixes for Owl City's 'Umbrella Beach' and 'Alligator Sky'. Unfortunately the collaboration between Sarah and Jethro ended unexpectedly, forcing her to pursue a solo career as singer/songwriter. Her beautiful and delicate voice quickly earned her the attention of EDM-singer Ellie Lawson and she introduced Sarah to Adrian Raz Recordings (Adrian Broekhuijse & Raz Nitzan), which led to Sarah being a well represented vocalist in the EDM-scene ever since.

Thus far, Sarah's signature sound of warm and emotional vocals has been featured on the A State of Trance 2013 Compilation through 'Dream State' with Two&One, gaining her the support and exposure she deserves with her beautiful sound. Furthermore, her vocals have been impressing the music industry through collaborations with the likes of Daniel Kandi, Eximinds, Philippe El Sisi, Estiva and many more to come.

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