Background information
Origin Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Labels Menadzer Company, PGP RTS, Koliba
Members Peter Topalovic
Durica Stula
Milan Acimovic
Dejan Savic
Sasa Predojevic

SOPOT is a band that has for several years achieved regional success and recorded the eighth year of existence.


It was conceived as a project with a strong imprint that through cooperation with local and international artists create a fusion of Balkan's art with modern technology, founded by the artist Peter Topalovic 2006 in Banja Luka. Sopotov artistic expression is a contemporary musical hybrid. This hybrid is formed by mixing the electrical service from dramendbejsom, reggae, dubstep and course. Also, in some songs can be heard and Balkan traditional music motifs. The word "Sopot" in the old Slavic language means "source".

SOPOT has so far released two CD releases DuBalkan and Equilibrium. In December 2013, they published their third studio album The passenger in Banja Luka publishing house hut. Album Sopotnik monitors and video for the song The energy sea. In the studio albums the band has collaborated with many artists, including Dr. DAS, Hornsman Coyote, Cordless Telephone, L'oeuf RAID Uzul Gravel, Steph / Kaly Live Dub, Greg Snoyl, Nico Matagrin, R-ATZ, Orhan Maslo Bojan Savic Albert, Milan Tica.

The band has so far played in dozens of cities, in many festivals, in concert halls and clubs throughout the region and Europe (France, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) .

SOPOT composed the music for the National Theatre of the Republic of Serbian "Stone Balloon" and "Radnička hronika", for which he received awards at meetings of theater BiH in Brcko, which appears in the Serbian film "Zduhač, znači avantura", where together with actor Nicholas Griffin - Kolya composed the credits for the aforementioned movie.


  • PETER TOPALOVIĆ (vocals, synths and programming)
  • ĐURICA ŠTULA (bass and guitar)
  • Milan Acimovic (synths and backing vocals)
  • Dejan SAVIC (guitar)


  • DUBALKAN (Menadžer, 2007)
  • SOPOTNIK (Koliba, 2013)

Music for theatre and film

  • BALON OD KAMENA (National Theatre of the Republic of Serbian, 2009)
  • RADNIČKA HRONIKA (National Theatre of the Republic of Serbian, 2011)
  • Credits for the movie ZDUHAČ, ZNAČI AVANTURA (2011)