Triin Niitoja & John4
Background information
Origin Tallinn, Estonia
Genres Country
Years active 2010-present
Labels FullHouseAgency
Members Triin Niitoja (vocals)
Jaanus Sago (vocals, guitar, banjo)
Joseph Voolmaa (drums)
Siim Avango (bass)
Jevgeni Babkin (keyboard)
Kalle Pilli (guitar)

Triin Niitoja & John4 a 2010 meeting in a band that mixes country, rock and pop music.


The band includes "Estonia Search for a Superstar" finalists can Triin Niitoja, Jaanus Sago, and in addition to Kalle Pilli, Siim Avango, Jevgeni Babkin and Joosep Voolmaa.

Hit singles released titles "Nii on ja jääb" and "Hõbedased tiivad" has been properly airtime Estonian radio stations. "Hõbedased tiivad", which in the premiere took place "in Estonia Search for a Superstar" by sending an elected TV3 autumn-winter season identifier to create and remained for weeks in Estonia different radio playability esitabelis tops.

The third single, "Põhjatuul" was released in 2012, and a fourth single, "Detsember" at the end of 2013 that reached various radio charts. In June 2014, however, the band released their first music video for the song "Jää" which became one of the summer Demand looks. In November this year, the band released an impassioned song "Kustuta tuled".

The 2014 passes the band in the studio and in concerts. Artist occurs as a trio, as well as the entire band.

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