Flag of Vanuatu
Selection process Internal Selection
Appearances 4 (1 finals)
Debut EVSC #04
Best result 18th: EVSC #06
Worst result 15th SF: EVSC #04

Vanuatu debuted in the 4th Edition of East Vision Song Contest and they never got into the final successfully so far.

Contestants & Results

Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
Edn. Artist Language Song Final Points Semi Points
#04 Vanessa Quai Bislama "Galala kece sara" Failed to qualify 15 49
#05 Young Faith English "A Brighter Day" Failed to qualify 14 29
#06 Vanessa Quai English "Island Ton" 18 52 09 55
#07 Did not compete
#08 Vanessa Quai English "True Harmony" Failed to qualify
Did not compete since #09

The Borrowing Rules

Vanuatu from Aboriginal Australians, Papua New Guinea and Papua, Indonesia.

Edn. Nationality Artist
#05 Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg Solomon Islands Young Faith